A small Kenyan street kid has a stroke of luck when, with a little help from a Premier League footballer, a brand new football falls off the back of a van.

Football is Mdudu Boy’s world. But he isn’t allowed to play with the big boys as he might get ‘stepped on.’ Asking why he is called ‘MDUDU’ it’s pointed out that to things smaller than him, he is a GIANT. The story follows our hero as he grows in confidence and realises his potential.

Inspired by a recent trip to Kenya, this heart-warming story of a little boy with big ambitions was written by emerging writer/director Ella Smith.

She was struck by the contradiction between poverty and the aspirational ideas of the people living there. She found that Kenya is a country where humanity is ever present, where big hope-filled dreams are an important part of surviving the difficult conditions of poverty.  Ella found the individuals she spoke with there had “bigger hearts and wiser words than any people I’ve ever met.” And so she set about to write MDUDU BOY.

Shot on location along the Kenyan coast, this film brings together the local community. We worked closely with charity Glad’s House in Mombasa and the community in Kilifi assembling a cast of genuine characters. With a joint British and Kenyan crew, the result is a joyous coming together of cultures.